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We are grateful to the following resources for inspiration and shared documentation used to develop this repository

Materials within this repository were developed with the support of the Open Life Sciences (OLS) Mentoring Program, with the kind assistance of Naomi Penfold. πŸ™

The community strategy has been developed using materials shared by the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement - CSCCE - community of practice. Guidance in community management and support has been generously provided by members of CSCCE. πŸ™

Other resources have also been developed following example materials developed by The Turing Way. πŸ™ We are particularly grateful to the Turing way for the publication of the [Book Dash Application and assessment rubric], which we sought to replicate as a model of best practice in inclusive and transparent narrative based decision making. 🌺✨

The Turing Way Community, Becky Arnold, Louise Bowler, Sarah Gibson, Patricia Herterich, Rosie Higman, … Kirstie Whitaker. (2019, March 25). The Turing Way: A Handbook for Reproducible Data Science. Zenodo

The Ambassadors scheme has been modelled on materials available from the TU Delft Data Champions program. πŸ™

Resources for creating the our community documentation hackathons have been created using templates and structures devised for the Organisation of Human Brain Mapping Open Science Special Interest Group Hackathon 2020. πŸ™

Remi Gau, Liza Levitis, Dorien Huijser, Camille Maumet, Steffen Bollmann, Anibal SΓ³lon, … Kanishk Kalra. (2020, August 25). ohbm/hackathon2020: post-hackathon-20200825 (Version v0.0.1). Zenodo.

The Git and GitLab tutorials have been recreated from material developed for the Open Life Sciences (OLS-2) cohort training session on using GitHub for collaborative documentation. πŸ™

Cassandra Gould van Praag. (2020). cassgvp/git-for-collaborative-documentation: OxBe 2020 (v1.0.1). Zenodo.

Figures have been created from images in the Noun Project repository, contributed by Alice Design, Andrejs Kirma, DinosoftLab, Luis Prado, Sergey Demushkin, Thuy Nguyen, vectlab, and Victor Llavata Bartual. πŸ™