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Programme schedule

Find out about how the Ambassadors programme will be structured and scheduled


All activities of the Ambassadors programme will take place online. Any in-person celebratory or team building meetings will be designed to be as accessible as possible and accommodating to the responsibilities of our Ambassadors.


We will use a number of online technologies to work efficiently, transparently and reproducibly online. Many of these solutions will provide you with transferable skills which you will be able to incorporate into your own research workflow. Training will be provided to ensure all Ambassadors are comfortable working in this way.

Calls will take place on Wonder and we will use to write collaborative notes during the call, using markdown so they can be saved directly to a git repository. We may use padlet for creative exercises.

We will use the WIN GitLab instance to write documentation and manage project work. You will require a WIN IT account to access GitLab.

You will need a GitHub account to use hackmd for call notes (this will be reviewed if we can create a similar in-house gitLab solution).

Call structure

Calls 1:4

During the first month of the programme you will participate in workshops to help you work with git and GitLab, understand more about the value and practices of open science, learn how to use the Open WIN tools, and have and open discussion about policy, incentives, training and monitoring of open science activities in WIN.

Calls 5:6

Once you are familiar with the Open WIN infrastructure and working on GitLab, you will be encouraged to decide which tool(s) you would like to develop documentation for. You may also have ideas about which other projects you would like to take on or contribute to. In weeks 5 we will allocate the tools and discuss what materials we need to create to support uptake. In week 6 we will set up your GitLab space to develop documentation and your own projects.

Calls 8:15

Our regular calls will be 90 minutes long; 30 minutes for updates and problem solving, then an optional 60 minutes for co-working. These calls will be held on the first Wednesday of the month.

During the update time, we will first silently document updates together, then read each others updates and pose questions. This process is intended to make efficient use of our time as you will not have to prepare updates in advance or sit and wait for your turn to report back. If anyone would like support, guidance, to address questions from others or seek opinions on any part of their work, they will be invited to open the floor for feedback.

During the 60 minute co-working time we will break out into small flexible groups and work on documentation and/or our open and community projects. This explicit co-working time is scheduled so you can have a dedicated time and space to contribute. You may choose to contribute outside of this time, or arrange co-working times which better suite your needs.


Calendar invitations will be sent to all Ambassadors containing details of the below.

1Wednesday 3 November 202109:30 - 11:00intro and why open science
2Wednesday 10 November 202109:30 - 11:00git and gitlab
3Wednesday 17 November 202109:30 - 11:00tools demos and questions (meet the developers)
4Wednesday 24 November 202109:30 - 11:00policy, incentives, training, monitoring
5Wednesday 1 December 202109:30 - 11:00getting into teams, setting up project space
6Wednesday 8 December 202109:30 - 11:00getting into teams, setting up project space
7Wednesday 5 January 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
8Wednesday 2 February 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
9Wednesday 2 March 202209:30 - 11:00Mid point celebration and review
10Wednesday 6 April 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
11Wednesday 4 May 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
12Wednesday 1 June 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
13Wednesday 6 July 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
14Wednesday 3 August 202209:30 - 11:00update and co-working
15Wednesday 7 September 202209:30 - 11:00close out and celebration