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Community Goals ⚽️

What we aim to achieve and how we will get there

Why have we come together?

Funders and the Management Board of WIN have committed to develop both the infrastructure and culture to support ‘open neuroimaging’. There has been significant investment in computational infrastructure to support researchers in sharing their data, data acquisition methodology, experimental tasks and analysis code, in an open, transparent and reproducible manner.

As these stages near completion, we are entering the second phase of work to build awareness, provide training and increase uptake in the use of this infrastructure. The problem is that until now there have been no centralised resources, communication structures or identified community strategies in place to support researchers in using this new infrastructure.

How will we achieve our goals?

The WIN Open Neuroimaging Community will address the above problems by working together to:

  1. Develop tools, policies and governance recommendations to promote open research practices;
  2. Identify our own barriers to working open and devising strategies to remove these barriers for ourselves and others;
  3. Create documentation and training materials to help others use the Open WIN Tools;
  4. Build a community of researchers with the expertise and confidence to promote open research practices and the Open WIN Tools in our own labs and to wider audiences.

Co-working hacks

We intend to implement these solutions through regular co-working “hacks”. These hacks will be full day events where we will discuss, write and build together. An important outcome of these events will be a sense of community among the researchers who attend. All material created during the hack will be openly shared on this repository. We will also generate materials and guidance about how we have created the hack, so the events are themselves reproducible.

Ambassador program

Alongside the hacks, we will develop the WIN Open Ambassadors program for launch in 2021, where motivated individuals will be supported in sharing knowledge and sign posting their peers around open research practices and how they are implemented at WIN. The Ambassadors will be significant contributors to the community, and recognised for the value of their contribution. They will be invited to shape the governance of the community, and be consulted on policies, incentives, guiding principles and reward systems which will be devised to promote uptake of open research practices at WIN.

Take a look at our drafted outline for the Ambassadors program. We would love to hear your thoughts on how it should be put together!