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Who is “The Community?!”

Find out who we are and where we sit in the wider WIN context.

Who are we?


We are a community built from around 250 members of the University of Oxford Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN). We welcome students, researchers, core staff, faculty, and anyone in between!

We were formed to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and experience from the developers of the Open WIN Tools into the hands of the WIN Members who will make use of them. We are interested in the development of open research practices in our discipline, and informing the policy and incentives around the implementation of open research at WIN.

Anyone can join and contribute to this community, with any level of commitment. You are free to dip in-and-out when you have capacity to engage, and you will always be welcomed into the discussion. We welcome peripheral contributions such as minor edits to documentation, all the way through to leadership of the community. Find out more about this in our Mountain of Engagement community model.

Community members

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Community Coordinator - Cassandra Gould van Praag (she/her)

Cass is a postdoctoral researcher with 10 years of neuroimaging (fMRI) research. She was Co-Chair of the Open Science Room 2020, and has been both a participant and speaker at the Berlin-Oxford Open Science Summer School, an invited speaker at Open MR Benelux and is a Fellow of Reproducible Research Oxford. Cass is an active contributor to a number of open community tools, including Open Research Calendar, the COBIDAS Checklist and The Turing Way

Email: Twitter: @cassgvp GitHub: @cassgvp WIN GitLab: @cassag

WIN Open Neuroimaging Working Group

This community feeds directly into the WIN Open Neuroimaging Project and its working groups: