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2.0. How are our personas motivated?

What reasons will researchers have for engaging with this community?

What are our community motivated by?

Our personas all want to learn and they are interested in new technologies. They may be motivated by a desire to “give back” to the community, compared to people who would rather wait for the documentation to be created so they can use it. They want to develop themselves and others. They want to be part of a community. They may be motivated by ethical or justice oriented open access to research outputs, or they may be motivated by personal career benefits.

What do they need to be motivated to engage and sustain their engagement?

Our personas need to feel like they are ahead of the curve, or at the leading edge, in adoption. They are comfortable being trail-blazers. They would probably enjoyed being challenged or stretched. They need to feel like they have something to offer and need to feel their contributions are valued. They need to feel comfortable in sharing. They need enjoy being creators rather than simple consumers. They need development opportunities, and to observe the growth of others. They need to feel welcome in the community, and place some value in community membership (or that the community values them). They need to feel like they are contributing to an ethical and justice oriented project, and/or that they are seeing direct gains for themselves.