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Community Personas and Pathways

Who will our Community Members be, how will they find us and how will we support their journey to leadership?

This exercise helped us to think about who might be interested in joining our community, how we can connect with them, and the journey they might go on. It is designed to help us reach different audiences and be welcoming to diverse contributors.

Follow the sections linked in the side bar to walk through the exercise and understand how we arrived at our persona descriptions and described their pathways to engagement with this community.

Our intention is to update this document as we gain a clearer idea of who we are engaging with or missing from the community. Please contact us if any of the ideas presented here do not resonate with you, or if they hit the right note! 🎶

What are personas?

“Personas” are a tool used in the design world to help centre the user experience and test features. They are often created from composite of several real-world users. They are created so the designer can put their own experience and perspective aside, and make space to empathise with the needs and motivations of users.

What is a pathway?

A pathway is a description of how someone interacts with the project or community. It illustrates a potential route from first discovery of the project through to leadership activity. In this exercise we will create pathways for each of our imaginary personas. Doing so will help us understand what support we will need to have in place and how we can encourage people to develop.

Table of contents