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Contact Us

Connect with us via any of the means below as per your preference and interests

Open WIN Slack slack

Anyone affiliated with a WIN member Department is invited to join our Slack workspace. We have channels dedicated to each of the sharing tools, the Open WIN community, and relevant external and internal events.

Slack is where the conversation will be most active and we will share resources with each other. If you’re new to the Community, this should be your first contact point!

The above slack invite link will accept email addresses from any of the University of Oxford domains listed below. If you think your domain should be listed here, or you are a WIN member without an email address at one of these domains, please email the Open WIN Community Coordinator.

WIN member domains (alphabetically)

Open WIN Mailing List mail-list

Anyone interested in the Open WIN Community or these resources can join the WIN Open Neuroimaging mailing list. The list is open only to University of Oxford staff and students (requires an SSO login). This mailing list is used for open distribution of information. We will also email round-ups of the discussion happening on the Slack

Email the Open WIN Community Coordinator Directly mailto

You are very welcome to email Cassandra Gould van Praag directly to discuss any issue relating to open research at WIN, the community, or this repository.

Comment on the GitHub repository github

If you want to report a problem or suggest an enhancement for this repository, we’d love for you to open an issue on out GitHub page.