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Practice submitting your pull request to update this page

A safe space for you to submit changes to this very document!

Let’s play!

This page is a safe space for you to practice contributing to documentation. I was far more intimidated by the prospect of inserting my words into someone else’s work than I was creating my own from scratch, so for these tutorials I’ve decided to show you things this way round - contribute first, then make your own.

Once you have contributed to someone else’s documentation (and seen how easy it is), you may find it easier to envisage your own work as a collaborative, community effort (assuming that’s what you are after), and help ease others into the contribution process.

Coming soon

This documentation needs to be updated for GitLab

What to do

Below is a list of numbers. For your first contribution to someone else’s documentation, I would like you to write your name, your pronouns, today’s date, and your GitHub profile link against one of these numbers. If you don’t know your profile link, click your profile icon (top right side) and open ‘Your Profile’ in a new tab. You can use the URL of that page to build your GitHub profile link. Use the link format: [Link text here](LINK URL HERE). If you want to get jazzy, you can do something more complicated, like add a picture or some formatting! I invite you to freestyle or keep it functional as you wish.

Use the procedure described earlier to fork, clone, branch, edit, push, and submit a pull request to update the lines below.

We’re going to assume we’re in a “class” setting right now, and I’m expecting your pull requests to come in. I’ll accept them as soon as I can! If we’re not in an active tutorial, I’ll still aim to get to them as soon as I can, but please accept my apologies if it is not instantaneous. Often collaboration is asynchronous!

When I have accepted your pull request, you will have a permanent (version controlled!) reminder of your first contribution 😃. Can you see how excited I’m getting about this!? So many !!! 😝

Add your name and date here

We, the undersigned, have submitted a pull request to this repository:

Pro tips:

1) To find the right page in this repository (or your copy of this repository) to edit, click on the “Edit this page on GitHub” link at the bottom of this page.

2) When you are adding your name, pronouns and date, delete the “<br>” next to the number you are updating. This is an html line break, so the list is vertical even when there are no entries. Without these “<br>” after each number, markdown tries to be be clever and put them all in one line for you. Sometimes useful, but not right now.

You did it!

Congratulations! You just contributed to shared documentation! The documentation is now 1000 times better because you added your insight (maybe, probably)! You should do this more often, and help make stuff easier for other people to understand, and distribute the efforts of keeping good documentation relevant! Great job ⭐️