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Open Access Publishing

Find out about the Wellcome open access publishing policy which applies to all WIN researchers

More information coming soon

Starting 1 January 2021, the new Wellcome Trust open access publishing policy will be implemented. As WIN is a Wellcome funded centre, all WIN researchers will need to be aware of these policy changes:

From January 2021, the Wellcome Trust will only pay open access fees for fully open access journals (e.g. PLOS, eLife) and Hybrid journals that are participating in the Transformative Agreement, which is an agreement to make these journals fully open access in the next three years.

All publications must be immediately open access (no embargo period).

A new Plan S Journal Checker Tool is being planned in time for January 2021, to easily identify journals or platforms that enable compliance. This tool is not yet available but will be later this year. Some journals, such as Science, Elsevier, and Cell Press, are intending to become compliant but are not yet committed. If you wish to publish under the current Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy, you must submit your publication by 31 December 2020.

The manuscript MUST be uploaded to PubMed as soon as it is published to comply with the policy. Most journals will submit to PubMed upon publishing, however not all journals will do this. It will still be the authors responsibility to check their publication is on PubMed.

If publishing in a subscription-only journal (no open access fee) please email the Bodleian Library Team or Kaitlin Krebs BEFORE submission for help.

The University has created an advice sheet to prepare researchers for the new Wellcome Trust policy. If you would like to dicuss how this policy affects your publication plans contact Kaitlin Krebs.